In September 2015, Antonio Guerra released his first authorial album, "Movimentos" at the “Oi Futuro” Theater in Ipanema (RJ). With special appearances such as Mart'nália, Ricardo Silveira, Kiko Horta, Eduardo Neves, and Swedish string quartet Wirën Kvartten, this work was selected by the MIMO INSTRUMENTAL Award and is part of the festival program in the 2015 edition in Rio de Janeiro, the Festival Savassi in BH, in addition to other cities.

In 2016 he presented his show at the Embassy of Brazil, in London at Sesc Quitandinha, in Petrópolis and at Espaço Cultural BNDES in 2017 which resulted in his latest album Antonio Guerra Sexteto AO LIVE, released this year 2020.

In 2018, he released the CD Coração Brasileiro with the trumpeter Silvério Pontes. The disc features in the repertoire Pixinguinha, Radamés, Guinga and Chico Buarque, in addition to compositions by Antonio and Silvério themselves. The recording of the CD had the participation of specials by Guinga, Yamandu Costa, Guto Wirtti and Bernardo Aguiar and since then, the duo has performed in several spaces in Rio de Janeiro, especially Sala Cecília Meireles and Blue Note-RJ .

Still in 2018, Antonio performs two concerts in New Delhi, one of them at the Indian International Center, on the solo piano.

In 2019 the Brazilian Heart goes on its tour with concerts in Japan, Italy and Portugal.

That same year, Antonio is invited by the Brazilian Embassy in Rome, and plays his repertoire with the clarinetist Gabriele Mirabassi, in addition to a show at Alexander Platz with the Italian trio Nosso Brasil.

In addition to his authorial work, Antonio worked alongside Elza Soares, Martinho da Vila, Martnália, Rubel, among others, as a pianist, accordionist and arranger.

Antonio Guerra (...) makes music that is pure joy of living, it is the pure movement of living with joy, and enjoying life and its natural movement ... After the war, peace came, invading my heart. And it was nice to be able to move free in this sound space of surprising beauty and artistic sincerity. ”

André Mehmari


Cds and Arrangements

The Brazilian Heart is more than a project, it is a concept:

it is a search to connect with the beauty and depth of the Brazilian people, the lyricism of the instrumentalists, the lyrics of the poets, the smell of the Atlantic Forest , the Indian, the rivers, seas and lakes, the rural and urban workers, the mountains and children, making all of this revolve in a great ciranda.





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